Saturday, February 20, 2010

This was from our last dr's visit at 17 weeks. We change doctors from the one we have been seeing for the past year. His hospital is smaller and is not equipped for labour so we had to change. Baby was very active kicking and suck its thumb. It was amazing to be able to see so much from an ultrasound. It was our first time to see the baby so clear and hear the heartbeat. I couldn't help but cry, tears of joy :). I can't wait to see my baby on monday again. This up coming week is our next appointment with the doctor. Every visit is exciting cos we get to see the baby and hear how the baby is doing and growing. I can't even wait to feeling the baby move/kick. I know some people say they first felt their baby move at 15 weeks but i think thats for the experienced ones but as for us the non-experience ones have to wait a little longer :). And in the meantime look forward to all the dr's appointment. More updates to come your way in the following weeks!